The 5 Baby Steps to Take to Meet Your Big Goals.

“I want to lose all the baby weight.”

“I want to fit into my pre-baby skinny jeans.”

“I want to feel strong and confident in my body.”

“I want to have more energy.”

Do these goals look familiar? They are all amazing goals.  But, WOAH, I’m exhausted and ready to give up just reading them.

Do NOT get me wrong, having goals is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.  This post is not meant to deter you from creating them. Rather, I want to share a bit about how you can create a big goal (like those listed above) and achieve them!

Creating goals in one of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal.  This is a tool that as many as 80% of people are not currently taking advantage of, so if you are already setting goals, you already have a leg up. 

Today I’m going to offer you five things you can do to up your goal setting game.  

  1. Write down your goals.

Write down all those big lofty goals you have.  It has been shown that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.  

One study asked a graduating class of Harvard students if they had set goals.  Of the class about 84% of graduates had no goals, 13% had goals but did not write them down, and 3% had written goals with plans to accomplish these goals.  Ten years later the 3% with the written goals were earning, on average, 10x more than the rest of the class. 

  1. Break Down Your Goal.  

It is likely that you have a bigger goal you want to meet, like those I listed above.  However, looking at these type of goals can feel vague and overwhelming. Making it difficult to know what you need to do or where to begin to make progress toward a big goal like that.  What I recommend is to create a few smaller, very concrete goals that will lead you to your big goal. For example, if your larger goal is to lose the baby weight you may set some smaller goals like exercising 3 times per week or eat a well-balanced breakfast each morning.

By creating smaller goals the steps you need to take become much clearer.

  1. Take action.

Choose one or two (max) specific tasks that you can do this week to work toward your goal.  Using the example from above of eating a well-balanced breakfast you could choose to meal prep one day this week for breakfasts all week long.  This activity will set you up for meeting your smaller goal successfully without overwhelming you.

  1. Review.

Taking time to review and assess your progress (or lack thereof) is as important as setting the goal.  This is where you can see how you are progressing.

Has meeting your small goals been easier than anticipated?

More challenging?

Making changes is hard so checking in is key.  It’s okay if implementing some of these things is more challenging than you anticipated.  Working toward long-term big goals is a process and can take a lot of time. By reviewing how things are going you can adjust your expectations and switch up what actions you need to take to move the needle in the right direction.

  1. Get support.

There are a couple reasons having support can be helpful. 

First, accountability is very valuable. If we know that someone will be checking in on how we are doing, we are less likely to throw in the towel or flake.

Second, as I mentioned above, going through big changes and working toward goals is challenging.  You will likely navigate through some ups and downs. Having support can help you to work through tough times as well as offer you somewhere to share and celebrate your successes.

There you have it.  My top 5 tips for meeting your goals.  

I know as postpartum moms it can sometimes feel like we are just keeping our heads above water.  But it is possible to be a (busy) mom and still work toward your personal goals. If you follow these steps and break your goals into (sometimes extremely) small, bite-sized pieces and take consistent action I promise you there will be progress.


“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”  ~Barack Obama


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