Available Services

At I Love Me we offer a variety of postpartum occupational therapy services and health & fitness coaching services.

See below for a brief overview of these services to see which will meet your needs! If you have any questions about what may be best for you, let us know!



1:1 Postpartum Occupational Therapy Services

I offer several in home/online 1:1 OT services to residents of Minnesota, USA.  These services are designed to meet your individual needs and include an initial consultation to determine what your needs and goals are.

Available Packages:
  • Postpartum Planning Package: This is for you if you want to set yourself of up for a successful and blissful postpartum period.  Together we will make sure you are prepared for your 4th trimester and beyond by ensuring you have proper physical, mental, social, and emotional supports in place.
    • This package includes 3 visits (1 prenatal and 2 postpartum) .
  • 8 Week Intensive: This package is for you if you want a higher level of support in 4th trimester (or BEYOND!).
    • This package will be customized to fit your needs.  Some areas we can address include supporting mental health postpartum (managing symptoms of "baby blues", anxiety, etc.), physical recovery, return to movement and exercise, managing transitions or demands of motherhood, and more!
  • 6-12 Month Package:  This is for you if you want support for a longer duration and may not need as high level of support.
    • This package can be customized to fit your needs and address all the same topics we address in the 8 Week Intensive Package.
    • This is ideal if you want ongoing support as you navigate several transitions and changes as your child grows.
  • Custom: If none of the above packages seems just right, don't worry! I am happy to work with you individually to come up with a plan that will fit your needs.


Self-Guided Postpartum Planning Program

Coming SOON! 

If you are interested in a self-guided program to walk you through my signature system for postpartum planning, this is for you!

I am still working on perfecting this Program for you, so it's not quite ready yet.  If you want to be the first to know when it's ready for you let me know here and I'll make sure to keep you in the loop!

Prenatal and Postnatal Health and Fitness Coaching

I currently offer 1:1 health and fitness coaching packages.  These services are available via 3 and 6 month online programs.

If you are interested in learning more about my coaching services contact me here.