About Occupational Therapy

Transitioning into motherhood is one of the most profound changes that a woman experiences in her lifetime.

Not only does pregnancy, labor, childbirth and recovery from that change our bodies and minds in ways that we can't know to expect.  It also changes much more within ourselves and our environments.

Motherhood demands changes in how we care for our bodies, how we participate in our normal habits and routines, how we participate in our personal and professional relationships and so much more.

Occupational therapy (OT) can be hugely beneficial for moms (and their families!) during this time of constant change and learning.  An OT can help to support mom in this time of transition in order to help heal and to help her successfully meet her needs and those of her family as well.

About Us

At I Love Me we offer services that address a variety of areas that any new mom (or, let's be real, ANY mom, period.) may need help, guidance and support around.  All one on one services are specifically designed to meet your individual needs. Some areas that we may address include:

  • Postpartum Planning and Implementation
  • Pain Management Techniques
  • Fatigue Management
  • Navigating Change and Transition
  • Coping Skills
  • Breastfeeding and Feeding Support
  • Pelvic Health Support
  • Emotional Support and Mental Health Support/Screening
  • Safe Return to Movement and Exericse
  • Ergonomics and Body Mechanics
  • Basic Nutrition Support
  • And MORE!

All services are designed to fully support mom and her family during this time to support overall health, wellness, recovery/rehabilitation following pregnancy and birth.

Find out more about our service offerings here.

Who would benefit from your Postpartum Services?!

Short Answer: Every Mom!

Mothers who have experienced illness, injury and trauma during their pregnancy, labor, and childbirth are certainly good candidates for postpartum OT and/or coaching services to help reduce risk for postpartum mood disorders or physical injury and illness as well as to recover from their experience.

However, mothers who feel they have had a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy and childbirth experience can still benefit from postpartum support services.  The act of growing and birthing a human (no matter HOW your baby entered the world) is very depleting on a woman's body.  So ensuring proper social, emotional, and physical support postpartum can be just as important to these moms.

These services can help any mom who is struggling postpartum.  And these services are not limited to first-time mothers or mothers in their immediate postpartum period.

Postpartum is forever, therefore access to these services are relevant 3 weeks postpartum or 3 years.


Margaret K. Achu

Hello, I'm so happy to meet you!

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Science and my Masters of Arts degree in Occupational Therapy from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN.

I am also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist.