Episode: 02 Considerations for Starting Exercise Postpartum

In Episode 02 I touch on consideration for returning to exercise postpartum.  This is a HUGE topic, but this episode serves as a great overview and jumping-off point for important considerations as you navigate healing and return to movement/exercise after childbirth. I cover:  

  • Why “Bouncing Back” to your pre-pregnancy body and much of the messaging around postpartum bodies and fitness is not serving moms well.  
  • Important questions to ask yourself prior to returning to exercise.  
  • How a pelvic health rehab specialist (PT/OT) can be helpful and why it’s probably a good idea to be seen by one before you return to exercise. 
  • Gentle exercises to begin with when you are ready. (See companion guide for detailed instruction of these exercises!) 
  • Symptoms to watch out for when participating in exercise postpartum.  

I hope you enjoy today’s episode! I covered a lot- so, be sure to download the companion guide where I detail much of what I talk about in today’s episode to help you digest and implement this information, when you are ready, of course! 

Download the companion guide here!  

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“Almost Bliss” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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